Blood pressure is top priority

A ruptured vessel in the brain or a sputtering sex machine? You can feel the effects of high blood pressure not only in your head but also below the waist. However, blood pressure itself gives no signs whatsoever. The only way to know is to monitor it. That's why you better get that blood pressure monitor out if your ability to function is important to you.


Elevated blood pressure is a sneaky fellow, since you can’t feel it. Your blood pressure may be sky high but you still feel great. However, elevated blood pressure is dangerous to your brain. To avoid major damage, you should start monitoring your blood pressure on a regular basis when you turn 30.


Elevated blood pressure is an uninvited guest in the bedroom. That's because the penis won't work without functional blood vessels. If the vessels in the penis are not OK, there's no guarantee that performance between the sheets is top level either. You shouldn't risk your erection by allowing elevated blood pressure to mess things up.

Take control

Elevated blood pressure is caused by hereditary factors and lifestyle choices. There's not much you can do to avoid the risks that run in your family, but you can make things harder on them by choosing to live a healthy life. It pays off to change your bad habits. Take action and take control of your blood pressure before it's too late.

Medication and treatment

Treating elevated blood pressure is easy and inexpensive. And it is so worth it! If elevated blood pressure is left untreated, there is a risk that major vessels in your brain calcify or rupture. Depending on where such a lesion is located, it may make you lose your ability to speak or move. The harsh truth is that the most gruesome outcome of elevated blood pressure left untreated is death.