The Finnish Brain Association – focusing on speech and the brain

The Finnish Brain Association is for anyone who has a developmental language disorder (DLD) or has experienced a stroke. We focus on speech and the brain, supporting our target groups and helping them to lead full everyday lives. Our public health work in this area also has an impact on society at large.

The goal of the Finnish Brain Association is to prevent strokes and encourage early recognition of DLD. By offering organisational activities and services, information, and support for research and development, we aim to reduce the secondary effects of strokes and DLD on the lives of individuals and families and on society as a whole.

The Association’s basic tasks include rights monitoring, communication, public outreach, stroke prevention, support for association activities, and various services.

The Association serves as an expert on matters concerning people with speech disabilities. It runs the Communication Cottage network for people with aphasia at community colleges and adult education centres. The Association offers adaptation training courses, rehabilitation courses, physiotherapy and speech therapy. It also conducts training for professionals and member associations.


The Finnish Brain Association’s objectives are to continually lower the number of people experiencing strokes in Finland, and to ensure that everyone who has a stroke or is diagnosed with DLD receives high-quality professional support. DLD should also be diagnosed as early as possible.

Objectives for 2024

  • The number of people having strokes does not increase
  • The care pathway is seamless
  • People with aphasia or DLD are fully empowered and equal members of society
  • The secondary effects of stroke are recognised
  • DLD is recognised
  • The Association is on a firm financial footing
  • Our employees are skilled professionals; we are seen as a desirable employer and valued partner
  • We are well-known for our work


The highest decision-making power of the Finnish Brain Association is exercised by the general assembly of member association representatives, which convenes every four years. The general assembly elects an executive council for a four-year term.

The Chair and the members of the executive council are representatives of member associations. The executive council elects a board of directors for a two-year term. A neurologist or similar professional serves as the Chair of the board, while the members represent various other fields and associations.

The activities of the board are supported by an executive committee and by advisory committees on strokes, language disorders, communication, rehabilitation and membership. In addition, the Aivoterveys and Verraton magazines have their own editorial boards.

International cooperation

The Finnish Brain Association works with international organisations to enhance rights monitoring for the groups it represents. It is active at the Nordic, EU and global levels.

Services are provided through ‘Aivoliiton palvelut oy’, a company owned by the Association. They include training, therapy, interpreting and product packages for people with speech disabilities, residential services at care facilities for young people in Turku and Kuopio, and outpatient services such as assisted living and neuropsychiatric coaching.

The Association publishes the Aivoterveys and Verraton magazines and a wide variety of informational materials.

The Association organises activities throughout Finland. Its main office is located in Turku at the Suvituuli special expertise centre, which has versatile facilities for training, meetings and exercise.