Work on the national Brain Health Programme begins

The Finnish Brain Association is launching preparations for the national Brain Health Programme. This extensive programme will promote brain health and well-being in all areas of life. Proactive and preventive work will also help reverse the increase in the costs of brain diseases.In addition to the association’s own experts, the Brain Health Programme will benefit from the broad expertise of specialists from various fields and partner networks, such as the NCD Alliance and other neurological associations.

The Finnish Brain Association emphasises that this is a national programme prepared under the association’s coordination. The programme will set common impact objectives for as large a group of operators as possible. This requires an understanding of the operational ecosystem.

“A crucial part of the preparation of this programme is to build a solid foundation for the programme’s implementation until the end of this decade. Once finished, the programme will be, at best, an integral part of a larger whole. It will contribute to the success of proactive and preventive work and support high-quality treatment and proper rehabilitation,” says Mika Pyykkö, Executive Director of the Finnish Brain Association.

Of the widespread diseases in Finland, brain diseases are the most costly. Brain diseases affect all age groups, not just the elderly. It is currently estimated that in people over the age of 45, every other woman and every third man will develop a serious brain disease at some point of their remaining life.

In Finland, brain health usually refers to the well-being of the brain. Brain health can be promoted by a healthy lifestyle, which includes healthy nutrition, sufficient sleep, physical exercise, abstinence from alcohol and drugs, mental stimulation, sufficient rest, and avoiding stress.

 “I personally hope that the programme can utilise, at least partly, the concept of social outcomes contracting. Overall, the potential financial and human benefits will be enormous,” says Mika Pyykkö.

Further information

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