National Brain Health Programme

The Finnish Brain Association started preparing the National Brain Health Programme in October 2021. Three factors were emphasised in drawing up the programme: an impact-based approach, meaning the definition of measurable objectives, the perspective of protective factors and making use of co-creation in defining the objectives. Current programmes and strategies related to brain health were surveyed in order to avoid overlap. Highlighting protective factors, together with a impact-based approach, makes the programme globally unique in the area of brain health promotion.

The long-term social impact goal of the programme is Humanly sustainable, brain-health-supportive society.

The outcome objectives are
• Understanding of brain health and disease as well as the appreciation of brain well-being has increased

• Brain ergonomics is taken into consideration in operating environments

• Everyone has the opportunity for refreshing and restorative sleep

• The sense of belonging has increased – all citizens are fellow citizens.

National Brain Health Programme