Cookie policies

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1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files that are placed on your computer when you connect to a website. Web browsers save cookies with other files used by the browser.
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2. Why are cookies used?

Cookies are used to identify your computer when you return to a site. They remember the preferences you have set earlier and improve the site user experience. Cookies can be used, for example, to identify user devices and customize any ads shown on the site or in other services.

3. What cookies do we use?

Some cookies are necessary for our website’s functionality and usability. These cookies do not collect any user information that could be used for marketing or remembering sites selected by the user.

Our performance data-measuring cookies are used to collect information on how users interact with our websites (for example, most popular pages or any error messages displayed). These cookies do not collect personally-identifiable information. Instead, all data is anonymized and used solely for the purpose of improving website functionality and reporting on user volumes.

Third-party plug-ins used on our sites, such as YouTube videos, may store information used for identifying users. Unfortunately, this is beyond our control. To ensure they do not track your movements on the web, you can disable so-called third party cookies in your browser’s settings. For instructions, see your browser’s help.

Our pages have buttons that enable sharing content to various web communication environments and social media platforms. If you make use of these buttons, the services you select may place cookies on your terminal device. These cookies are beyond our control. For more information about third party cookies, see the third party’s website.

4. Managing and blocking cookies

If you don’t want to receive cookies, you can set your web browser settings to notify you whenever a site is about to place cookies on your computer. Alternatively, you can prevent cookies entirely. You can prevent or limit the use of cookies through your web browser’s settings (for more information, see the browser’s help).