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The Finnish Brain Association organises courses for people who have had a stroke. The courses are currently offered only in Finnish. They are designed for stroke patients and their family members, offering support and assistance for living everyday life to the fullest under changed circumstances. The courses provide information about strokes, treatment, rehabilitation and social support services. They are also an opportunity to meet other stroke patients and their families and share experiences with them in professionally guided peer support groups. The programme includes discussion groups and various activity groups. Read more

Communication Centre

The Communication Centre provides services and support for people with aphasia or developmental language disorder (DLD) and their loved ones. The services are free of charge and available throughout Finland.

The Communication Cottage, a network operating through community colleges and adult education centres, has developed activities for people with aphasia in cooperation with the Communication Centre. Communication Cottage facilitators are trained in helping people with aphasia to communicate. They aim to provide enriching group activities and peer support for participants. They assist and encourage participant interactions using tools such as pictures, writing and drawing. Finnish- and Swedish-speaking groups are available throughout Finland.

Peer support

Peer support helps patients and their loved ones adjust to the life-changing circumstances that confront them. It brings light and hope to a distressing situation through the presence of others.

The Finnish Brain Association offers many forms of peer support:

Personal peer support

You can apply for personal peer support anywhere in Finland using the Finnish Brain Association’s matching service. Peer supporters have received training and are obligated to maintain confidentiality. Please email Enable JavaScript to view protected content. to apply for personal peer support.

Peer support groups

Member associations of the Finnish Brain Association have clubs, exercise groups and other groups operating near you. When you become a member, we will put you in touch with your local branch of the Association.

Our members include patients, their family members, and others with a professional or other interest in our field. Local branches of the Finnish Brain Association offer an opportunity to exchange ideas, share experiences, make new friends and get peer support. They organise group activities such as club meetings, lectures, counselling services and field trips. Local branches and regional clubs of the Finnish Brain Association are active in more than 100 locations. Annual membership fees are 15 to 25 euros depending on the branch.

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